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Take the tour to investigate your water saving opportunities in each area of your home. Use the WATER BUDGET CALCULATOR to give you a water budget for the inside and outside of your home. A water budget tells you the right amount of water you should be using. Compare the water budget to your actual water bill and see how much water you could be saving.


The Sonoma County Water Agency has a great list of indoor, outdoor, work and agricultural water saving tips.


Mono Lakes long list of water saving tips and beautiful photos.


The Local Government Commission's "First Stop Shop for Water Resources" - a clearinghouse for information and resources related to the co-management of land and water resources.


See how much a drip costs you - you can calculate right from this site.

See a chart of water amounts needed to produce some common items.


Students at the Brenham Community Center in Texas found this very useful link above!


A Girl Scout found the link above. Good water saving tips and good links too!


A student named Bella found this link above for us to post - thank you!


Get specific water tips for San Luis Obispo County.


Rangeland Hydrology, Non-point Source Pollution and Water Quality. UC Davis has many sources on water information.


Information on the importance of conserving water and tips on how to cut down use.


This page was suggested to us by two young science students who were researching for their final school project on Florida's wetlands. There is a wealth of information on the links on this page and provides a good start to learn about wetlands very different from those found in San Luis Obipo County, California.


We would like to thank a Girl Scout, Ava, for providing this link. She is working on her WOW (Wonders of Water) Journey. She was researching at home and sent the link, which is a great and easy to understand summary of the Clean Water Act!

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