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WH2O has put on events to raise awareness of water use in Los Osos. Our town has been given the designation
"Water Level Severity III"
by the County of San Luis Obispo,
which is the most severe designation.

Our three water purveyors have been in a friendly adjudication for years, which has hampered collaboration on water conservation issues. We are assisting to
fill in that gap with our education and
outreach programs.

We hope to continue for many years, increasing our range and scope.

Photo of WH2O's fortune cookies

Your Water Fortune - by WH2O

WH2O supports Sammythe Steelhead Trout as he promotes clean water in San Luis Obispo County.

Baywood School Expo Photo March 2011
Sage ECO-Gardens hosted our April 10, 2010 event called, "Save Water - Save Money." Josh Carmichael and SLO GreenGoods Mikel Robertson demo-ed the proper way to use washing machine graywater and discussed the plants that do best with it. ECOSLO had information on worm bin composting. The Los Osos CSD and Golden State Water Company had water conservation materials. Transition Town had a table too.
Sage ECO-GARDENS April 2010 Photos
We assisted at the SLO Partners for Water Quality Booth.
Waterfest 2009 at Morro Bay Photos
This year we assisted the LOCSD in their debuting of the Sammy the Steelhead Board Game at the Baywood School Art & Science Expo!
Baywood School Expo Photos March 2010
WH2O's Event,
"Saving Our Water One Drop At A Time"
was held at the South Bay Community Center in Los Osos on September 13, 2008. Over 25 non-profits, businesses and all three of Los Osos' water purveyors (for the first time ever) appeared in the same event to promote water conservation and water-use awareness.
"Saving Our Water One Drop At A Time"
September, 2008
Baywood School has an annual Art and Science Expo. This was out second year to participate. We had large poster-sized letters for kids to sign (which we sent)
to decision makers on their wishes to preserve water for the future.
Baywood School Expo Photos March 2009
Baywood School has an annual Art and Science Expo. This was out first year to participate. We asked kids to draw and/or write what they did today or will do tomorow to save water. We'll take their art for display at our booth at the County's WaterFest in Atascadero in May.
Baywood School Expot Photos March 2008
Waterfest 2008 was held in Atascadero's Sunken Gardens this year and it was WH2O's first year to participate. The theme of our booth was provided by Los Osos' Baywood Elementary School student artwork, "A World Without Water." This was the Count's second year sponsoring the event and it was a huge success.
Waterfest 2008 Photos May, 2008
Oktoberfest for WH2O meant a table of water-tip handouts and our special fortune cookies with water-wise tips. The Los Osos CSD Water Department was also on hand with a great booth. Visit us next October - 2nd Street at 9:00 a.m.
Oktoberfest in Los Osos, 2007
In Los Osos, a great deal of total water used is from use inside the house. Can you save money? We showed you how - we had our laptops and a printer to print out your own household water audit. The dual flush toilet that was won with a FREE raffle ticket, made one household very waterwise!
Interior Water Conservation Event Photos
January, 2008
Residential irrigation (once known as a "sprinkler system") has come a long way. This event focused on how changing and checking your sprinkler heads and watering patterns can save water - and money!
Residential Irrigation Event Photos July, 2007
The freezing winter weather we had damaged or killed many plants. This event helped show what plants might replace the ones you lost with water-wise, hearty and beautiful new ones. Mulching and composting were topics, too.
Xeriscaping Event Photos October, 2007
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