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April 10, 2010

Beautiful Sage ECO-Gardens hosted this event.

The beautiful Sage ECO-GARDENS & NURSERY
hosted this water conservation and quality event.

Graywater demo by Josh Carmichaeland SLO GreenGood's Mikel Robertson.

Graywater demo by Josh Carmichael
and SLO GreenGood's Mikel Robertson.
Or how to properly reuse your
washing machine water and the appropriate
plant selection for the best results.

EcoSLO explained worm bin composting.
SloGreenGoods table.

EcoSLO has everything you'd want to know on how to
compost with a worm bin.
A "win" for plants, people -- and worms!

SloGreenGoods has multiple solutions on conservation
and eco-friendly building solutions.

The Los Osos CSD is on hand with water conservation info. Thanks Ann!
Maria Kelly works the WH2O table.

The Los Osos CSD has a table full of water conservation tips - which you can also pick up at their office on 9th Street.

Maria Kelly talks about water conservation literature
that the County provides.

Close-up of washing machine hook-up for graywater use.

Purple Pipe means water reuse -
this was the demo washer to show you what to do.

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